How to qr code generator ? Create QR Code For Free

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How to qr code generator ? Create QR Code For Free

Notapor Lotus » 19 Nov 2018, 12:43

Today digitization of products is imperative,
Each created product has an identification code called barcode or QR Code.
Barcode and QR code generated by the manufacturer and registered.

Barcode stores product information of national origin, business name ...
Therefore, it is imperative to look up product information quickly.
We have developed a scanner, also known as a QR Code reader .

Features of barcode scanner - QR Code reader application.
- QR Code Scanner scan and read barcodes of any product information including one-dimensional bar codes
and barcode matrix.
- QR Code Reader scan and read barcodes from an image available on the phone.
- Barcode Scanner can create barcodes from the application, bookmark, contact list, memory or any text line
- Barcode Reader can view barcode scanning history.
- QR Code Reader can look up product information barcode scan on google or internet.

Extensive features of Barcode scanner - QR Code scanner software
- Selectable scanned barcode formats such as 1-dimensional,
1-dimensional industry, QR Code, matrix data, Aztecs, PDF
- Set the sound after a barcode scan with a card with sound or beat.
- Automatic configuration setup after successful barcode scan.
- Automatically copy links through the search to the phone memory, then just paste the results
search and use.
- It is possible to configure barcode auto-recognition or manually.
- Configuring the selection of product barcodes by country.

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